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Welcome to 2019! Have you taken the time to sit down and create your 2019 goals? Listen, we can think about them all we want. We can say we’re going to do this, or that, but without a plan in place, and some time taken to establish what our goals are for the year, chances are, your brain is going to fizzle out, and dump it for your daily, mundane thoughts. Then, 2019 will end, and you won’t have taken one, single step toward your goals.

Let’s start with my 2019 goals. I’m putting them down, here, in writing, for all to see. (Psst! I’ve also created my own goal sheet for the year, that I can refer to any time I need to!)

1. Become More Grounded

This is a big one for me. And what exactly does it mean to become more grounded? It means becoming more centered and balanced, regardless of the outside environment. To be truly grounded means that you could be in the middle of New York City, for example, and feel completely calm, and at peace. This is about your connection to yourself, as well as the earth, and your spirituality, no matter what the spiritual path is. There is commotion, and chaos everywhere we go. I, personally, want to be able to cope with that chaos by remaining internally balanced, and centered. That is most definitely my #1 2019 goal! Why? Well, because it will help be get through all of my other goals.


2. Explore Buddhism

Personally, I feel a strong connection to the philosophies and concepts in the Buddhist way of life. I feel that the concepts can be tied into any religion, at any time, however. I have begun my exploration by reading two books by Timber Hawkeye. These books are Buddhist Bootcamp, and Faithfully Religionless. Both are excellent start books for those looking to learn more about the Buddhist way of life. In fact, I’ve read each of my copies several times, because they’re that good.

3. Commit to a Daily Exercise Schedule

This is, admittedly, one of my more difficult tasks to get accomplished. But, it is definitely one of my major 2019 goals. Why? Well, I mean, most of us could use more exercise, right? But, as a newly, middle-aged woman, with kids who are growing up quickly (two of them are already adults), and many years ahead of me, I’d like to keep my body healthy so I can have energy, and life in me for the next phase! As a mother of four, it’s inevitable that I’ll wind up with at least one, (preferably more than one), grandchild. I want to be able to lift that grandchild, run, play, and have the energy to keep up with him or her! I also am going to need plenty of strength and energy for my sixth goal!

4. Commit to a Regular Posting Schedule

Again, this is a difficult one. I will fully admit to being a procrastinator, and to allowing my daily thoughts to interfere with my long-term goals. I am one for allowing the day-to-day, mundane life to get in the way of the things I need to accomplish in order to reach my goals. Another one of my 2019 goals…stay consistent with my blog, and social media posts!

5. Boost That Credit Score, Baby!

Couldn’t we all use a credit score boost?! But, really, this is a big one, especially since mine and my husband’s goal is to purchase a farm this year. In order to get a great interest rate, and better loan terms, our scores could use a bit of work. Luckily, it’s not major work, and shouldn’t take too long to accomplish. Some minor tweaks, and we’ll be set!


6. Buy Our Farm!

Yes. You read that correctly! My husband and I have had a dream for several years now, and that dream is to own our own farm. Horses, goats, alpaca’s, chickens, turkeys, and grow our own fruits and veggies. Our goal is to create a local business where people can come to purchase food from us. We also have expanded our goal, and want to have a decent horse boarding facility.

7. Accept What I Cannot Change

I mean, all my life, I’ve had to do this. But I want to work on truly accepting what I cannot change, without having negative thoughts about those things. For example, I’m starting my journey into midlife (which you can read about here). I’ve had two children become adults, move out, (and one of those adults move back in). My boys are 21 and 19, and have been doing their own thing for over a year now. That wasn’t too difficult for me, considering I still have my daughter’s, who are 16 and 13. But my 16-year-old daughter has decided that she wants to graduate this year, as a junior, and go to college next fall. EEK! That happened so quickly, I wasn’t ready for it! But, as a supportive mother, I doubled up her classes, (I home school both of my girls), and have allowed her to move forward so she can go off to college this fall. I’m terribly proud of her, and terribly sad. It’s all moving a little too quickly for me, however, I want to learn how to truly accept these types of changes, and embrace them.

8. Create Valuable Content for my Readers

This, of course, goes hand in hand with committing to a daily posting schedule, whether that be here on the blog, or through my social media pages. I want to create content that you love. I want to create content that keeps you coming back because it helps you. With that being said, I want to hear from you! Tell me what it is that brought you here, and what it is that you’d like to see more of. You can also let me know what your 2019 goals are. How do you plan on achieving those goals?


How to Achieve Your 2019 Goals

Now’s the time to think about this, ladies and gents! This isn’t about new year’s resolutions. Honestly, I don’t believe those “work”, unless you sit down and create a plan. Whether you want to call them resolutions, or goals, the result needs to be the same. Unless you take action on these goals, when the end of the year rolls around, you’re going to be in the exact same spot you are now. Trust me, I know from experience. I have, too often, allowed years, and years…and years to go by, and didn’t actually take action to meet, or exceed my goals.

Planning Ahead

Well, this is it for me! I’m practically on my own now, with kids growing up, heading off to college, and becoming more independent. Sure, sure. I have my husband, but I can not, and will not rely on him to keep me entertained, or happy for the next 30-40 years. It’s up to me, and me alone, to achieve anything and everything I dream of. He’s my support, my rock when I need him. After many years of raising kids, and losing myself in that role, I need to find another role in life.

I was introduced, just a couple of months ago, by my sister, to the Erin Condren Life Planner. My awesome big sister sent me one of these planner’s as a Christmas gift to me this year. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality, and the content of these planner’s! You can choose the layout, and colors. There are many different styles and options. I’ve already started filling mine in so when January 1, 2019 is upon us. I’ll be ready to go!

Now, you can go check out the planner’s at your local store, or online, but I guarantee, you aren’t going to find one that’s quite as detailed as Erin Condren planners, I promise. The pages are sturdy, and thick, and won’t bleed through. There are stickers to keep your scheduling fun, and there’s plenty of space to write out your daily, monthly, and yearly goals, as well as space for all of your appointments.

You can also find many more Erin Condren products by clicking the photo below. There are budget planners, sticker sets, petite planners that will fit in your purse, and much more.

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