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Plant-Based vs. Chemical-Based

Why plant-based skin care products? Why does it matter? Let’s start with the truly nasty ingredients that are in main stream skin care products, how they harm us, and the alternatives we have to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy.

Did you know that most of the skin care products on the market today have terrible ingredients in them? What if I told you that your sunscreen most likely has ingredients in it that can cause cancer? Or that your anti-aging night cream is actually damaging to your skin? Did you know that many skin care and beauty products have ingredients that are known hormone disruptors?

If this is news to you, you’re probably sitting there wondering if it’s even legal for companies to put these ingredients in their products. The simple answer is, yes…yes it is. Laws in the United States are very lax when it comes to regulating the cosmetic industry. Therefore, we have to do our own research into these ingredients and the harmful effects they can have on our bodies. So what are these ingredients that we need to watch out for?


1. Parabens

Parabens help preserve the shelf-life of your beauty products. You will find parabens in just about any type of beauty product – hair products, body and face lotions, shower gels, deodorant, make up, and more. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer, and are a known hormone disruptor, and are linked to reproductive and fertility problems.

2. Fragrance

Found in moisturizers, lotions, and hair products, to name a few, added fragrance has been linked to hormone disruption, reproductive issues and infertilit. In addition, added fragrance is one of the biggest culprits that can cause allergies.

3. Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, also known as Vitamin A

While retinol ingredients are found in many anti-aging products, they can have the opposite effect. When using retinol products, you must take care not to get sun exposure after applying, because they can have a carcinogenic effect when exposed to the sun. If you choose to use retinol, be sure to use it at night, when you won’t have to concern yourself with whether you’ll be in the sunlight. Also, be sure you avoid sunscreens that have retinol ingredients in them. This will have the opposite effect if you’re looking for anti-aging. Your best bet is to use the suggested products below.

Common products that contain retinol-type ingredients are commonly found in sunscreens, lip products, moisturizers, and anti-aging products.

4. Oxybenzone

This ingredient is found in sunscreen products, and has been linked to altered sperm production. It is also associated with endometriosis, and hormone disruption. When selecting your sunscreens your best options are those with zinc oxide or titanium oxide ingredients.

5. Polyethylene

Found in lip and body scrubs, body washes, makeup, and toothpaste, this ingredient is a known carcinogen. It has been shown to be a skin irritant. When selecting body scrubs, select products that are sugar based, which are all natural, and dissolve as you use them.

Make The Change…For Your Health

Now that we’ve covered just a few of the potentially dangerous ingredients that are in your current health and beauty items, let’s go over your options! Plant-based products are popping up everywhere, and luckily their prices are equal to, and sometimes even better, than your chemical-laden products. And let’s first remember this…what you put into your body is the first line of defense against aging, to include your skin! Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, and drinking the recommended daily amount of water each day will help keep your skin, and your insides, from aging too quickly, and will keep your entire body healthy!

1. LilyAna

For plant-based, natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong with LilyAna products. With rave reviews, and no harsh chemicals, you’ll want to try this brand for your skin care needs! Check out their Vitamin C Serum, Face, Cream, and Eye Cream!

2. Natural Sunscreens

Remember that many sunscreens contain oxybenzone, which is a known hormone disruptor. But you can find sunscreen products that won’t harm you, or your children. Check out the following products.

3. Plant-Based Body Lotion

We all love a great body lotion, especially in the winter when the air is dry. Keeping it plant-based is super easy with these products!

4. Plant-Based Hair Care

There really are so many plant-based products on the market today. All you have to do is look! From our skin, to our hair, you can find just about anything. Here are a few plant-based hair care products that are sure to keep you happy, without the negative effects of chemicals.

5. Plant-Based Body Scrub

I, personally, love body scrubs! They’re great for exfoliating, and leave the skin feeling super soft and silky. But, we want to make sure that we’re selecting plant-based scrubs that don’t contain any micro-beads. Here are my faves!

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite plant-based products, go out and give some a try! Let us know what you think! Do you currently use any plant-based beauty products? If so, give us some suggestions in the comments so our readers can check them out!